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We're Hiring!

Join the GoldenTouch Team!



We are looking for a dynamic writer to join our Resume Team!

Our Mission & Vision

GoldenTouch Resumes is a boutique resume company serving career professionals of color at various stages of their careers, from new college graduates to C-Suite executives. We are committed to helping our clients secure their new job, promotion, and fair and equitable salaries through brilliantly executed career branding documents.

We are firmly committed to diversity, equity, anti-racism, and inclusion. We love working with clients and team members who share our values. 

We uphold standards of excellence related to quality work and great customer service! 

Position Overview

As a freelance Resume Writer, this is a unique opportunity to work remotely from anywhere. You can choose to accept projects when your schedule permits, so this is perfect for those seeking a flexible opportunity to make additional income. 

Our dream writer is someone who doesn't treat this as a side hustle and understands the important role they play in helping job seekers articulate their professional experience to land their next role, promotion or salary increase.

We also desire someone who will take full ownership to deliver quality work and on-time when accepting projects, because as we know -- the job market moves quickly. We pride ourselves on delivering 100% of our projects on-time.

This is a per project rate; great way to make additional income.

Responsibilities & Qualifications

As a Resume Writer, you will be responsible for crafting career documents, including resumes and cover letters that are ATS-optimized and compliant with our internal resume standards and best practices. 


  • Strong writing and editing skills.

  • An exceptional eye for detail, organization skills, and superb time management.

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word (paragraph spacing, colors, formatting, etc.) and have access to Microsoft Word 2010 or newer.

Is This Right for You?

This job is for you if....

You LOVE writing and creating compelling content

You are reliable and always on top of your tasks

You are a stickler for details and a bit of a Type A Personality

You can follow instructions and learn new skills quickly

You stick to deadlines and schedules

You understand your contribution and skill set is part of a bigger picture and mission

You thrive working as both, part of a team and individually

Who this job is not for....

Those who are juggling too many jobs/responsibilities and have limited bandwidth

Those who are not punctual or cannot stick to a schedule

Those who do not hold themselves accountable

Those who do not check email or are not responsive

Those who cannot take constructive feedback or take things personally

Those who do not have availability during weekdays

If this sounds like a job for you, then we'd love for you to apply!

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