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The perfect solution for --

  • Career professionals moving into entrepreneurship. 

  • Solopreneurs who are in the infancy or startup phase.

  • Solopreneurs who haven't reached $50,000 a year in recurring revenue.


What is a startup advisor?  


Part brainstorming. 

Part strategy.

Imagine or re-imagine your business -- including your business idea, model and ecosystem to launch and create a profitable business. 
A startup advisor (1) has the skills and knowledge you need to build a business from the ground up (2) can help you fill a knowledge gap on how to build or grow a business, and (3) can connect you with valuable resources to address some of your needs and challenges. 

In addition to owning GoldenTouch Resumes, DeJuana Golden has assisted businesses and organizations build, launch and grow for 20 years. She brings an expertise in entrepreneurship, business ideation and startup planning, marketing and social media.

This Signature Service

four (4)
1:1 Strategy sessions:

(45 to 60 minutes)

Investment: $597

After your purchase, you will be directed to an intake questionnaire. If you're unable to complete the questionnaire now, it will be sent to your email to complete prior to scheduling your first session.

Current and Former Clients

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