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15 Really Good Interview Questions to Ask An Employer

There’s a war going on on Linkedin. Not really. But kind of. Recently, there have been several Linkedin posts discussing some of the challenges that come with having a resume with gaps - periods of time unaccounted for employment wise. Some people have gaps because they gave birth and spent time with their new family addition for several months before returning to the job market. Others have gaps on their resume because they needed time to heal after a spouse or parent died. And for others, their gap in employment may have taken place due to physical or mental health reasons. The general consensus of most people who posted was that resume gaps should be seen as normal, and not a reason to eliminate someone who could actually be a viable job candidate. One Linkedin poster’s comments went so far as to proverbially flip off any recruiter who judges her for the life-altering, and often traumatizing events that caused her to have several (understandable) gaps in her work history.

We can all learn something from her attitude. While we don’t have to literally flip off hiring managers, sourcers, or recruiters, it can be a healthy attitude to remember that a company that’s a good fit needs you just as much as you need them. A company that understands that life happens should be at least a minimum requirement when looking for work. And while everyone’s “issue” isn’t gaps on their resume, in much the same way that gaps can be a good thing, we all have personal needs that would help us live more fully and more joyously.

For example, what are your needs related to work-life balance? Is there a specific type of management style that supports your best work style? Do you need to work remotely exclusively? Do you thrive best with a team or autonomously? Is DE&I (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) a high priority? Tell yourself that you are also interviewing the company that you are interested in.

With that in mind, here are 15 good interview questions to ask an employer:

1. How would you describe your company culture?

2. What do you like best about working here?

3. What is your staff turnover rate and what measures are you implementing to reduce it

4. What would you say is the main reason people continue to work at your company?

5. How would the person in this role best contribute to the company’s vision?

6. How do you feel the company demonstrates its mission and values?

7. What types of qualities and attributes make for a successful employee?

8. In what way would I collaborate with my supervisor?

9. How would you describe the most challenging aspect of this role?

10. What does the ideal candidate for this position look like?

11. Why did the original person leave this role?

12. What made others succeed in this role?

13. What are your expectations for this role during the first 30 to 60 days?

14. What is your process for evaluating success?

15. What have been your best moments while working here?

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